Well, I failed again! This time I’m blaming the clock in the hotel – it says it was set, the time and the time of day are set … but it didn’t go off! Hmmmmm … I slept in til 8:45, so I must have needed it!

This is my day for having a quick explore and enjoying Seattle. I would have loved to go out to the Northwest Wildlife Park but unfortunately they don’t have tours that go out there and I couldn’t quite afford the $$$ it would take for a private driver … 😞 I really wanted the opportunity to see a Bison! Ah, well… I headed into downtown Seattle instead to a quilt store that I knew of (Undercover Quilts) and yes, I did do a little spending… I can’t tell you or show you because some of what I bought could just be pressies for some special people!

I also found a really lovely little yarn store … I restrained myself there 😬

Anyway I made it into Pike Place Markets and found a lot to look at including the fish 🐠 market where they toss their fish, the gum wall (gross but interesting at the same time) lots of local handmade products, restaurants, flower stalls etc … and lots (and looooots) of people!

I also went to the waterfront where the local ‘First Nation tribe’ are celebrating the homecoming of the salmon and watched some of their dancing and singing! I rode ‘The Wheel’ – beautiful views of Seattle and found some beautiful ceramic mosaic work on the walls at the waterfront.

The following are a taste of the things I saw today …

Ice sculpture of Salmon

The Wheel in the distance and a view across the sound from the top. Unfortunately most of the photos I wanted to share are too large … 😏

The First Nation people taking part in the celebration for the homecoming of the Salmon, once again a few of these were too large too … I might just have to put them on the Facebook page instead!



 … and …. proof that it was me on the Wheel (and that I really am no good at selfies!)

I’m  off to bed, it’s late and tomorrow’s adventures take me on the last leg to Kalispell!!! Yay!