Please forgive my silence of the last couple of days …. once I left Seattle on the train I didn’t have any wifi! Sorry – I’m going to try to catch up over the next couple of days …

I guess I need to go back to, what was for me, Sunday. I didn’t have to check out of the hotel until lunchtime and I didn’t need to be at the train until 3:30, so, what to do?

I tried to get in to a glassblowing class at one of the studios, unfortunately it was all full. I spent some time looking through the shop then decided to head back to the hotel, pack my stuff and veg out until checkout time – after all, it was raining and cold outside!

Left my room at 11:45, checked out, got a taxi and was at the train station checking my luggage in by 12:05! Hope you’re impressed with that, cos I am!

With the weather not so nice I decided to just wander and check out the area around that end of the city. Found some fantastic shops – another glass blowing studio where I stood for ages watching the blokes blowing all sorts of thing.

Glass blowers making a vase

I came across a beautiful little courtyard called ‘Waterfall Courtyard’. It was so lush and beautiful, very tranquil. I can’t show you the photos though cos they’re too big … 😞

I made my way back to the station and waited for the train, which was on time and everyone was on board and on the way right when we should have been! The scenery as we traveled through Washington and in to Idaho was beautiful! I went to sleep in Idaho and woke up in Montana! I was really lucky to have a lovely lady hop on board and travel as far as Spokane- she was born and bred in the area and was telling me the names of places and about the areas as we traveled through.

Ballard lochs in Seattle
Rail bridge …
Puget sound with Olympic mountain range in background

Tunnel through the mountains – over one mile long!

We arrived into Whitefish, Montana at 7:20. Right on time! What happened next is tomorrow’s story … 😬