After a not overly comfortable night (it was a bit chilly!) I woke up to the most beautiful scenery – mountains covered in pines with gullys and rivers… very pretty!

 And flat plains. That smear of white is low cloud, it was pretty just sitting there!

Coming in to Klamath Falls in Oregon
Coming in to Klamath Falls
The reflections in the water were so clear!
hydroelectric plant. I tried to get the falls, but it was a little awkward. It looked quite strange with the water coming to a sharp edge like that!

  This is what I achieved yesterday and today, I’ve also done the band and a couple of rows of the front, as well as reading half a novel, sleeping, talking etc! (I thought I’d better put something crafty in – anyone want to take bets if I’ll get it finished or not?)

Portland, Oregon

… and then it got a bit dark for photos … we arrived into Seattle a little late, but not too bad. Taxi to hotel, a walk to find some food and give me sustenance while I write this …now it’s time for sleep – tomorrow I go on the hunt for quilting shops and yarn shops … 😬