Well, I’m in Whitefish! Now I have to pick up the hire car … could be a bit nerve wracking …. nahhh she’ll be right! After all I’ve ordered a car with a sat nav.

Hahahaha, hmmm that was wishful thinking! No sat nav, guess work and the help of the opposition to pick up the car! Ah well, it’s basically a straight road to get to Kalispell from Whitefish so I’ll just have to see what the day holds.

No probs – straight into Kalispell, found a Starbucks and had a bite of breakfast and a coffee … and borrowed their internet to pull up a map of Kalispell. From Starbucks I walked across the road to Michaels crafts – nothing spectacular. Bit sad really! Then I decided to make my way to the airport to pick Jackie up. On the way I discovered Joann’s- nothing thrilling here either – I did find a small crochet book though!

Made it to the airport in good time and picked Jackie up. I had to break the news to her that we had to go on a trip back to Whitefish though … silly me, I had left my document folder with all my travel papers at the Amtrak station! After a call to make sure it really was there we headed off!

Long story short, I got it back and we headed back in to town to hit the quilt shops! We were happily playing in Glacier Quilts when Susan and Carol turned up!

Glacier international airport- we’ll, the car park anyway!

Following our trip into Glacier Quilts Jackie and I found a gorgeous little yarn shop and had a good poke around. Didn’t have a house to mortgage to buy anything though …!

Finding the training centre was really easy – we’ve been there before! Once we settled in and said hello to Judy and met a couple of new people it was time to get ready for the week ahead!

We had an early dinner – Jackie, Susan, Carol, Judyand I ate at a local bar, it was really nice. After a bit of grocery shopping we headed back to join Joanne and get a bit more stitching done … it’s gonna be a busy week …! Must remember to take some photos!