My poor feet – I think I’ve almost worn them out already! I couldn’t check in to my accommodation until 2:00pm and of course I had arrived on an early flight … sooo I dropped my bags at the hotel and went walking and walking! The bloke at the hotel hadn’t been overly helpful and wasn’t really very interested in telling me what was around. I went looking for myself!

Dear old Uncle Google had told me that there were lots of Starbucks around and I could see a few museums, so headed in that direction. I must admit the Caramel Frappuccino with all the trimmings that I had went down pretty well and the free wifi at Starbucks was welcome. I discovered that the ‘La Brea Tar Pits’ weren’t far down the road. (Google them!) One day I’ll work out just how far that was … 😬 They turned out to be fascinating!

L.A. Brea Tar Pits with Hollywood hills in the background

Unfortunately the other photos I took were too big for here, sorry!

I got back to the hotel for check in time, dropped my gear in the room and went and asked the unhelpful man if there was anywhere close by to get dinner… he hadn’t improved! So I put my feet up for a bit then went for another looong walk … allll the way back (well almost) to the tar pits to a supermarket I had seen and got me a little sustenance for the night.

Totally classy way to have a drink … 😏

Ended the day with my feet up worrying if I would wake up in time to catch my train in the morning … will I make it or not? Find out tomorrow 😀