Yahoo! September is here at last … and the journey to Montana has begun for me, so feel free to follow along and watch the fun and frivolities evolve! I will at least try to put something on here each day 😀

Day one probably wasn’t the most exciting day but it was the beginning of the journey – I spent ten (that’s right, 10!) hours on the bus travelling from Esperance to Perth. Even with my bung hand I managed to get a bit of crochet done… it was a slow start because I accidentally left the crochet hook that I needed in my suitcase (oops) and had to wait for the first stop – two hours into the journey – to retrieve it from the luggage hold.

This is just a little of the scenery along the way – the fields of Canola were spectacular! And yes, that is a huge statue of a ram in the small town of Wagin!

First night was spent with my sister and her husband at their home in the hills…

What will tomorrow hold? Hop on board and watch for the next post!